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Feel the natural high of the body in motion.  New levels of dry-feeling,
moisture management, lightness, shape and comfort

Freed from the constraints
of the static world,
we drink in the fresh air
as the world is
set in motion around us
Discover the Product
Sanko's unique Carol,
Adora and Elita fabrics
combine high-tech cotton
with great style,
and sustainability
Discover the Product


Empower your collection with Sanko’s high-tech natural fabrics, dual core and core-spun fabrics:

- Innovate with new performance levels for cotton-based fabrics

- Delight consumers with unexpected sweat-handling, breathable high-tech performance cotton

- Stay cool in innovative fabrics combining smart shape retention with dry feeling and cotton comfort
- Improve reputation for sustainability and social responsibility with Sanko’s traceability and sustainability options

- Free your designers to combine once contradictory benefits and styles in fabrics

We care what you wear

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