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Breathe deep, take it to the limits. Experience super-breathable soft-touch,
precision mosaic and enzyme-free cotton-based fabrics

At the studio we leave
the world behind; we live
the moment - go through
our moves, do our best
in order to look our best
Discover the Product
Sanko's unique Adriana,
Carol and (no name -smart shape)
fabrics combine great
breathability with
style flexibility, sustainability
and stretch


Take your collection to the next level with Sanko’s innovative Transdry® and zeugma® fabrics:

- Change over from synthetics to high-tech cotton-based fabrics for studio sports

- Enjoy the freedom of higher performance levels with breathable cotton

- Take advantage of Sanko’s deep expertise in customizing fabrics for studio use
- Challenge conventional wisdom with fabrics which bridge the gaps

- Develop new thinking in partnership with Sanko

We care what you wear

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