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Dreams do come true. Create sleepwear with new levels of comfort, breathability and
style - made possible by Sanko’s innovative fabric technologies.

The ultimate stress-reliever
is sleep. Peacefully
we let go of our cares and
enter the world of dreams -
awaking calm, energized and
ready for a new day.
Discover the Product
Sanko's fabrics like Adora,
Soft and Elegant show
Sanko’s breadth of
offerings and flexibility
for sleepwear
Discover the Product

Unleash Sanko’s creativity for your sleepwear collection:

- Feel the ultimate comfort of 100% cotton on your skin with zeugma® stretch jerseys

- Enjoy unlimited potential with ultra-soft, silky-touch, raindrop and even smartshape® fabrics

- Add uniqueness and style with 3D effects, precision mosaic and fold-back contrasts

- Create new fabrics specifically for your sleepwear collection in close partnership with Sanko

We care what you wear

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