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Sanko Textiles, today a worldwide leader in premium yarns and textiles,
traces its roots back to 1904 when its visionary founder, Sani Konukoglu,
began operations with a few looms and a big idea.

Inspired by his passion
for honesty, transparency,
sustainability and
community service, the family textile business expanded to become
one of Turkey‘s largest
industrial groups including
construction, energy, financial
services and real estate,
with Sanko Textiles at its core.
The Group  runs  
a major university ,
a major hospital 
and the Sanko Foundation ,
a leading charity.
customer service
and creative innovation
are Sanko’s top priorities.
For Sanko Textiles
no challenge
is too difficult,
no client is too small.
Sanko is partnership-oriented,
and partners with
every customer, every supplier
and every employee to
maximize the benefits
of its top-notch technical staff,
its half-million spindles and
its 9.2 million square feet
covered manufacturing area.


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Founded in 2000, the Sanko Textiles Innovation Center develops new yarns and fabrics, earning the
first certification for organic cotton in 2002 and enabling Sanko to become the pioneer in organic
production in Turkey. In 2010 the ground-breaking Zeugma®  cotton fabric was launched,
which provides rapid moisture transport and fast drying without the need for chemicals..

At Sanko, we care what you wear.  We partner closely with you to provide the unique creative
differentiation so crucial to success in the fiercely competitive, demanding world of fashion.
Contact us to find out more!  Come see us at Premiere Vision.

We care what you wear

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