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Fascinate with the myriad 3D effects, texture and color contrasts offered
by Sanko’s precision Inject/Mosaic fabrics - in cotton as well as advanced synthetics

Create variety and interest
with inject fibers of varying
composition, length,
smoothness, color, irregularity
without sacrificing precise
control of fabric characteristics
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Latch onto the “precision
non-detail” trend in Casual,
and expand that into
Activewear and  Intimate
Apparel,with options for
moisture management,
organic and varying composition
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Partner with Sanko for custom configurations, colors, textures and features,
taking advantage of complete control of yarns, knitting and dying in house

Sanko’s Inject/Mosaic yarns and fabrics offer unmatched variety and visual appeal

- Casual "non-detail" look that is at the same time sophisticated
- Visual fascination through Foggy Mosaic precision design
- Sporty, relaxed, or edgy depending on configuration
- Ultimate soft comfort for casual, athleisure or outdoor
- Good unisex fabric with strong visual appeal
- Mosaic structure inherently 3D when using contrasting colors
- Available with organic, traceable and certified sustainable options

We care what you wear

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