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Enjoy the flexibility and long-lasting fit of ShapeSmart fabrics
with the ultimate comfort of 100% pure cotton on the skin

Allow Sanko to custom-tailor
ShapeSmart’s advanced
technology to your specific
needs in terms of comfort,
texture, appearance and
shape recovery
Discover the Product
Discover unique creative
possibilities using ShapeSmart
in combination with cuts,
folds, tucks, pleats etc.
in garment applications
requiring flexibility and
shape retention
Discover the Product


Go beyond denim with ShapeSmart fabrics for a wide range of
garments with unique and yet-to-be-explored options

ShapeSmart fabrics combine excellent stretch, fit, shape retention and recover

- The ultimate comfort of 100% cotton on the skin
- Can be individually configured in partnership with the Sanko innovation center
- Unique creative possibilities for design features
- Endless options and possibilities for a wide variety of features and performance

We care what you wear

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