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 A new kind of forward-thinking company is evolving as the global leader
in premium yarns and textiles, based on the century-old dream of its founder,
Sani Konukoğlu.

Its unmatched responsiveness and flexibility empower its global customers.
Its unique devotion to creative innovation and
cutting-edge technology anticipates its clients’ needs. 
Its peerless quality and breadth of products fulfill their highest expectations.

And throughout this company, an unparalleled passion for honesty,
transparency and sustainability pervades the atmosphere: 
a century-old tradition of fairness; exemplary service to the community; a modern sense
of partnership and cooperation - with the workers, suppliers and customers.

Sanko Textiles combines the deep heritage from the past with the dreams of the future -
the possible with the impossible.  And the result is something that benefits not just
Sanko and its customers, but the people and planet in which we all live.

This isn't business as usual.  The usual isn't enough.

This is Sanko Textiles

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