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The Sanko Holding company grew over the years from the textile business,
and today it is one of the largest industrial groups in Turkey.


In addition to Sanko Textiles for yarns and knit
fabrics, Sanko Holding operates ISKO
for woven textiles, Sanko Towel and the Sanko
Marketing company.


Sanko Holding operates six large hydro-electric
facilities and dams, as well as two wind farms.
As such, Sanko Energy is one of the largest
sustainable energy companies.


Sanko Holding operates five companies with
a high capacity of production.


Sanko Holding operates Superfilm,
 which is the largest plastic packaging
 company in Europe.

Construction Machinery

Sanko Holding operates Sanko Makina, which produces
a range of mid- to large-size backhoes
and construction machinery, as well as Basak Tractor,
which produces a range of modern, highly efficient
tractors for agriculture.

Real Estate

Sanko Holding operates the large
Sanko Park shopping mall, as well as
the building construction company Temco.

Information Technology

Sanko Holding operates the AVNet group,
one of the leading IT technology suppliers and
consultants to over 300 of the Fortune 500
companies worldwide.

Securities and Finance

Sanko Holding operates Sanko Menkul,
one of the leading securitization and
finance firms in the sector in Turkey.

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